shaqtoprovidence.jpgShaq back on the mic — and at Providence, of all places. USATSI

Here’s a fun curveball: Providence College has recruited Shaquille O’Neal not only to attend the Friars’ Midnight Madness event on Oct. 15, but also to run music at the event.

That’s right: DJ Diesel is going to be spinning records.

Let us not forget that Shaq loves to rock the mic. And he’s put out a few rap records of his own, too.

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Oh yeah; that’s a classic. He’s no stranger to the DJ booth. Shaq’s actually done this as a quasi-hobby ever since he retired, and really way before that.

O’Neal, who’s one of the best basketball players ever, was just inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame on Sept. 9.

The event starts at 7 p.m. Remember, Providence coach Ed Cooley is still on the mend after undergoing back surgery nearly a month ago. Providence isn’t going to be ranked to start the year, as it lost its two best players to the NBA Draft (Kris Dunn, Ben Bentil). But the Friars should still have some offense, led by Rodney Bullock, who could be one of the better scorers in the Big East.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Shaq to spin tunes as DJ at Providence’s Midnight Madness event next month