Tim Tebow! He launched his Mets career in earnest on Monday as he made his debut at fall instructs in Florida. As you might expect, the Mets took full advantage of the opportunity and had plenty of No. 15s for sale in exchange for redeemable currency …

Fetching, don’t you think? Given the enthusiasm surrounding Tebow and the sizeable Mets fan base, what follows may or may not surprise you …

That was as of Monday morning. Here’s how things look as of Monday afternoon when you sort the Mets jerseys available at Fanatics by best sellers …


This implication is that Tebow now has the best-selling Mets jersey of all. Really, there was no other way for the story to end.

In matters related, the Mets really shouldn’t even be selling the jersey of a player who’s not on the 40-man roster, but here’s this from the landing page of the Mets’ online store


So what gives?

ESPN’s Darren Rovell explains

Teams usually are not allowed to use a player’s name or image until he makes the 40-man major league roster, as those players are not considered part of the union. But sources said Tebow signed a bridge agreement with the official jersey supplier Majestic Athletic last week, which allows the company to merchandise him before he makes the majors.

So that’s what gives. Go forth and purchase, people. Everyone’s doing it.

Source: CBS Sports / Tebow jersey a best seller for Mets, who shouldn’t really be allowed to sell them