The hallmark of Tim Tebow‘s NFL career was an ability to really try hard, to run the ball kind of effectively, to find ways to win games and to airmail passes in even the least competitive situations.

Turns out it’s also the early hallmark of his MLB career too, because Tebow is out there making baseball throws people haven’t seen before.

How does that even happen??

Wait, nevermind. That’s how. But still, this is totally different. People airmail football passes all the time. Tebow completed 47.9 percent of his passes as a professional quarterback.

But missing a human being entirely from 45 feet — aka, 15 yards — with a baseball is pretty bad. It’s really bad when you’re trying to become a professional baseball player.

And that’s what Tebow is trying to do, because he’s not interested in coming back to the NFL, even though the one team that might have interest in him, the New England Patriots, have a need at quarterback. Tebow has experience in Josh McDaniels’ system and played for the Patriots recently. But he said he’s sticking with the Mets.

Not that the Pats are necessarily interested — Jacoby Brissett is actually an interesting option for them in terms of a rookie quarterback starting this early in the season. Plus, Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t down for the count and Tom Brady will be back in Week 5.

Tebow can go back to focusing on improving that laser accuracy.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Tim Tebow is making baseball throws like his football throws, not joining Patriots