Familiarizing himself with his new home in the Bay Area, Kevin Durant paid a visit to AT&T Park to witness the San Francisco Giants take on the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday. But Durant was more than just a spectator at the old ball game. The Warriors superstar put on a custom Giants uniform and threw out the first pitch.

Many players and celebrities have had difficulties with the ceremonial first pitch, which is understandable since pitchers get paid what they do for a reason. It is simply quite hard. However Durant had no difficulty thanks to some tips he received pre-pitch from the legendary Willie Mays.

Mays didn’t automatically infuse Durant with “Rookie of the Year” pitching abilities, yet the former MVP did throw a solid strike:

The NBA season hasn’t started yet but Durant looks right at home in the Bay Area.

Source: CBS Sports / With help from Willie Mays, Kevin Durant throws first pitch at Giants game