ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – The lost city of Atlantis, Big Foot and Area 51 are just a few of the world’s greatest mysteries, but there may be none bigger than the mystery of who will start at quarterback for the New England Patriots in Week 4.

Apparently, Bills head coach Rex Ryan thinks he’s got this one solved.

“I sure do,” he remarked when asked to clarify his comments from Monday on WGR 550, when he said he thinks he knows who will start under center for New England.

But was he going to spill the beans?

“Nope. Because then if I’m wrong it’ll be like ‘Oop he was wrong. What a shock!'”

Regardless of his inkling, Ryan still took advantage of an opportunity to get the inside scoop on the situation, posing as a reporter during Julian Edelman’s conference call with the local media, and asking him directly if he’ll be playing quarterback.

Naturally, Edelman responded with a typical “Patriot Way” answer…


With one game remaining on Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, the Patriots have yet to reveal who their starting quarterback will be, ahead of their Week 4 meeting with the Bills.

Both Jimmy Goroppolo, who suffered a sprained AC joint in Week 2, and rookie Jacoby Brissett, who injured his thumb against the Texans last Thursday, were present at practice on Tuesday. Reports from Wednesday’s practice indicate that Goroppolo was seen attempting passes. In the event that both Goroppolo and Brissett can’t go, Edelman could serve as the team’s starter, given his experience as a quarterback in college at Kent State. Any other scenario would likely list him as the emergency QB for New England.

Ryan made it clear that his team will be ready for all three options.

“The quarterback thing, ya you gotta be prepared, and we actually have to be prepared for three different guys,” Ryan explained. “They’re no dummies, their leaving it out there. They’re certainly not going to do us any favors.”

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