“It was fun. Obviously I wish I could have done a little more at the plate and gotten a couple of hits, but it was fun,” Tebow said after Scottsdale beat the Glendale Desert Dogs, 9-6, at Camelback Ranch. “Got to knock a little rust off.”

Tebow was certainly the main attraction for the 912 fans in attendance. Some were spotted wearing Florida Gators gear, another wore a Tebow Broncos jersey and a Tebow Mets jersey was also spotted. The former quarterback drew the largest applause from the crowd, but he was also on the other end of some heckling throughout the afternoon.

And Tebow’s interaction with the fans continued after the game. While he was signing autographs, a fan appeared to suffer a seizure, and Tebow stayed by the man’s side, providing comfort until the paramedics came.

In his first at-bat, Tebow took the first five pitches — three balls and two strikes — before fouling off a pair and eventually grounding out to second base. He did manage to hit the ball to the right-side, allowing Angels No. 3 prospect Taylor Ward to advance to third base. Ward later scored on a sacrifice fly to put the Scorpions up, 3-0, in the second inning.

Tebow again grounded out to the right side, this time to first base, to end the top of the third, and in the sixth he hit a dribbler in front of the plate and was tagged out by the catcher.

“I felt like I saw the pitches well, just rolled over a couple,” Tebow said. “They were pitches I should have done more with.”

In the bottom half of the third inning, Tebow got his first defensive action, catching a routine fly and drawing a steady round of applause. He had another defensive chance in the fifth and crashed into the wall attempting to track down a double off the bat of Dodgers top prospect Cody Bellinger.

“I knew it was hit well, so I just tried to make a play on it and was going pretty hard,” Tebow said. “I thought I had another step or two and then ran into the wall. I’ve been hit harder, so I’m OK.”

Tebow will certainly draw a crowd wherever he goes, and although it’s a bit unusual for the Fall League, his teammates understand that it comes with the territory and are rooting for his success.

“With Tim here, he’s a good dude, he’s going to be a good influence on all of us,” Ward said. “It’ll be exciting to watch him develop over these six weeks. I’m rooting for him, I hope he makes it.”

Tebow is slated to be with the Scorpions from Monday through Thursday and will fulfill his duties with ESPN’s SEC Network as a college football analyst on Fridays and Saturdays. The Fall League is off on Sundays.

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Source: Mets News / Crash course: Tebow 0-for-3 in AFL debut, takes big hit