ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – Make it two straight days of no practice for LeSean McCoy, who was noticeably absent during the open portion of practice on Thursday, nursing that annoying hamstring injury.

“I guess it’s probably similar to last week,” Bills head coach Rex Ryan said in regards to McCoy’s progression. “We’ll see how he progresses these next couple days.”

That similar, day-to-day approach Buffalo is taking with Shady is the same one that ended with the 28-year-old playing in Week 7, and likely risking further injury to the hamstring which tightened up on him in the third quarter. He of course left the game and never return.

While the move subjected the Bills to a lot of criticism, Ryan and his staff have remained noticeably content with the decision, citing that McCoy was cleared to play by the medical staff before kickoff.

Still, it’s fair to wonder whether or not McCoy’s status for Week 8 would be less cloudy if he had sat out entirely against the Dolphins. To that, Ryan doesn’t have an answer.

“As we’ve mentioned before, we played him cause he was cleared to play and passed all the tests and everything else,” Ryan explained. “Whether he further aggravated it, I’m not real sure.”

The potential mismanagement of the injury induces flashbacks of 2015, where a nearly identical injury ended up costing McCoy several games during the first half of the season. Offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn was adamant that this time around it’s not as severe.

“It’s nothing like last year,” Lynn remarked. “Last year the hamstring was worse. You know this year you trust your medical staff, LeSean, your doctors. He made a go at it, he felt a little tight, we pulled him back. I don’t think he re-injured himself or anything like that, he just felt some tightness and said it wasn’t worth it.”

Later, Lynn went on to explain that if a player doesn’t practice that he probably won’t end up playing. That’s a belief even McCoy eluded to following Sunday’s loss, where he told the media it’s tough to go out and make plays on game day after sitting out an entire week of practice.

While Ryan has never been one to rule out an elite player just because he misses a week of practice, McCoy’s level of participation on Friday could reveal a lot about his status for this weekend.

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