In their determination to trade Carmelo Anthony, the New York Knicks are also reportedly determined to acquire Kevin Love, even though the Cleveland Cavaliers keep telling them no. Still, the Knicks aren’t stopping in their pursuit.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne, the Cavs are interested in the idea of acquiring Anthony but only if they don’t have to trade Love:

The New York Knicks continue to pursue Kevin Love in advance of the Feb. 23 trade deadline despite the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ unwillingness to part with the All-Star forward in a deal for Carmelo Anthony, according to league sources.

Sources said the Cavaliers, meanwhile, do maintain an interest in Anthony — which would pair him with Cleveland star and close friend LeBron James — but only if a deal can be struck without the league’s reigning champions surrendering Love.

The Knicks, sources say, have continued to engage the Cavaliers, LA Clippers and Boston Celtics in trade talks, believing those are all the teams that Anthony would find appealing enough to surrender his trade-blocking ability if a deal could be struck.

Cleveland’s reluctance to part ways with Love is understandable. He was a key member of their 2016 championship team, is in the midst of his best season with the Cavs and was just selected to participate in the All-Star Game. And of course the Cavs would like to get Anthony without trading Love. That way they can have a “Big 4” with Love, Anthony, James and Kyrie Irving.

The main takeaway from all of this, though, is that Phil Jackson remains very determined to trade Anthony. Of course the problem for Jackson is that Anthony has a no-trade clause and he doesn’t plan on waiving it. Anthony has stuck to the same message since this drama began — he is happy playing for the Knicks, his family loves New York and he will only waive his no-trade clause if the team tells him it is going to engage in a full rebuild.

So unless Jackson wants to acknowledge his mistakes in constructing this Knicks roster and initiate a rebuild, Anthony will not waive his no-trade clause. Until that happens, all discussions with the Cavs, Clippers and Celtics will be for naught.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Cavaliers reportedly remain interested in Carmelo Anthony while keeping Kevin Love