Roger Goodell spent most of his Wednesday press conference fielding questions about Deflategate and relocation. Finally, though, a brave reporter stood up to ask the NFL commissioner the most important question of the day.

When it was USA Today‘s Tom Pelissero’s turn at the microphone, he had this to say:

“Would you like to see the rules made more clear, perhaps instituting things like a strict two-pump limit?”

Yep, he asked Goodell if the NFL would use a two-pump rule to better enforce celebration penalties. Unfortunately, Goodell laughed off the question, saying he hasn’t really thought about it.

A quick refresher in case you don’t remember: In recent years, players like the BroncosVon Miller and the SeahawksMichael Bennett have celebrated sacks by thrusting or pumping their hips into the air. But they’ve been fined for doing so.

Their celebration is, of course, inspired by this skit:

[embedded content]

All jokes aside, Pelissero’s question touched on two things that needs clarity: How does the league decide which celebrations deserve to be fined and penalized? And, furthermore, why does the league insist on taking the fun out of celebrations?

If you’re asking me, I’d let them pump as many times as they want. But in the spirit of compromise, I would endorse a two-pump rule.

Bennett seems to be on board too:

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Roger Goodell asked about instituting a ‘two-pump limit’ for celebrations