Recruiting is an intense game with high stakes. It’s the start of where championships are won and the numbers game makes it a tough puzzle to put together. It’s no wonder that emotions run high when things don’t break a certain way.

So when five-star linebacker prospect Baron Browning decided to have a little fun with Ohio State coach Urban Meyer about his college decision, it came with a little bit of retaliation.

The story is that Browning, the No. 11 overall prospect for the 2017 recruiting class who is an early enrollee for the Buckeyes, was undecided between Ohio State and Alabama. Though he eventually went with Ohio State, Browning opted to mess with Meyer first by telling him he was committed to the Tide.

“I already knew I was going to come here, but I just felt like messing around. That’s the type of guy I am. I like cracking jokes, having fun,” Browning said. “I told my parents that I was going to Alabama and I texted coach Meyer and coach [Luke] Fickell and I was like ‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for me but I’m rolling with the Tide.’ It was just funny all around.”

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Meyer’s response?

“I threw my phone against the damn wall,” Meyer said.

But if there’s a lesson here, it’s never mess with Meyer and not expect to get your comeuppance.

In response to the joke, Meyer got Browning’s mother, who is an assistant principal at her son’s school, on the phone and said “let’s go get him.” Meyer got Browning and his mother on speakerphone only to tell blue-chip talent that he was taking the Los Angeles Rams head coaching job.

The (fake) news was met with total silence by Browning, according to Meyer — before Meyer informed Browning they were now even. The two can laugh about it now, but apparently Meyer’s outstanding comeback hit Browning a little too close to the heart.

“He cried, did he tell you that?” Meyer said. “Did he tell you he teared up.”


Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Urban Meyer savagely pranked his recruit who played a joke on him