Joe McKnight was killed last year following a traffic dispute. Getty Images

Ronald Gasser, the man accused of shooting and killing former NFL running back Joe McKnight, has been indicted on second-degree murder charges. The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office announced the charges Thursday.

Gasser, 55, had originally been arrested on a manslaughter charge, per the Times-Picayune.

“Subsequent to that arrest, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s Office continued working together in a collaborative effort to develop additional evidence regarding the case,” the DA’s office stated in a press release explaining the change in charge.

The Times-Picayune provided the following account of the killing, where McKnight was shot after a dispute with a fellow motorist in Terrytown, Louisiana*:

McKnight, 28, a former NFL player and local high school football standout, was shot and killed Dec. 1 at Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard. Authorities say he and Gasser first crossed paths near the Crescent City Connection, where McKnight’s Audi possibly cut off Gasser’s blue Infiniti.

Gasser chased McKnight’s Audi to Behrman and Holmes, authorities said. There, McKnight got out of his car and approached Gasser’s car, authorities said. Gasser, still seated in the car, fired three shots at McKnight, who was standing at the passenger window of Gasser’s car at the time.

If convicted, Gasser faces a life sentence without the possibility of parole, probation or suspended sentence.

*Note: This story previously misidentified the manner in which McKnight was shot, using an outdated police report.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Joe McKnight’s alleged killer indicted on second-degree murder charge