You don’t mess with superstitions, and most of us have them when it comes to sports. Sometimes fans and pro athletes have them, and they fully believe that it is critical to the team’s success — whether it is the fan picking the right spot on the couch to sit during the championship game or a pro athlete wearing a four-leaf clover sock for good luck.

But sometimes it goes all wrong and it leaves you baffled.

That’s what happened to Ghana goalkeeper Brimah Razak. On Thursday in the Africa Cup of Nations semifinal against Cameroon, Razak had a figurine of Spider-Man watching over him behind his goal. Take a look.

Now, it wasn’t quite clear as to why he had it, but it appears to belong to his son, a big Spider-Man fan, and he uses it for good luck.

Well, sadly, the good fortune is gone as Cameroon won 2-0, knocking Ghana out of the cup.

Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui scored the opener for Cameroon in the 72nd minute off an error by, guess who? Yep, the goalkeeper with Spider-Man behind his goal.

Then Christian Bassogog put the match away in the 93rd minute with this easy counter attack.

Sometimes the luck just runs out, as Cameroon advances to Sunday’s final where it will play Egypt.

Now, sure, it’s hard not to feel a bit bad for the goalkeeper, who may feel like he let his son down. But remember Razak, Spider-Man isn’t your son’s hero.

You are.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Not even a Spider-Man toy behind the net could save Ghana keeper from Cameroon