It took nine years but there is a silver lining to the previously undefeated Patriots losing Super Bowl XLII to the upstart Giants in February 2008: Last month, the Pats trademarked “Perfect Season” and “19-0” through parent company The Kraft Group, according to

Ahead of merchandising opportunities, the Patriots originally filed for trademarks in the weeks before the Super Bowl matchup against the Giants. Despite the loss, the team still went through with “Road to Perfection,” though didn’t trademark “Perfect Season” and “19-0” until recently, after exhausting five extensions over eight years to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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Having to prove that they deserved the right to the phrase, the Patriots apparently licensed “Perfect Season” to the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, which produced a DVD of the 2015 state football championship game between Xaverian Brothers and Central Catholic high schools. Xaverian prevailed, winning its 24th straight game (spanning two seasons).

The takeaway: Even if the Patriots don’t ever go undefeated, they will be able to license the phrase to other teams — no matter the sport — that might want to use it.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / Patriots trademark ’19-0′ nine years after Super Bowl loss to Giants