Kris Jenkins‘ buzzer-beater to win the national title. Christian Laettner’s dagger to sink Kentucky. Just a few examples of amazing shots in college basketball history.

But none of those — from a degree of difficulty standpoint — can hold a candle to what Chattanooga‘s Greg Pryor did. Not only does he get an open floor steal, but he chases the ball down and, leaping off one foot, heaves a 3-pointer from out of bounds and drains it.

Call it skill. Call it luck. Heck, call it whatever you want. But that’s one of the most incredible shots you’ll see. It’s a shot you toss up in practice or in NBA2K, but rarely (maybe never) do you see something like that in real life. His teammate, who clearly mouths, “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” couldn’t believe it, either.


Ultimately, the 3-pointer didn’t make much of a difference in the game, as Chattanooga rolled to a 91-68 win over Western Carolina. But it was quite an amazing shot nonetheless.

Source: CBS Sports Headlines / WATCH: Chattanooga player makes insane one-legged shot falling out of bounds