105.5 The Team – When it comes to NFL free agency most players salivate at the thought of being courted by numerous teams for a potentially life-changing contract.

Not Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor.

Taylor made it abundantly clear in his interview, Friday, with WGR 550 that transitioning to another team or scheme isn’t ideal for him. He feels comfortable in Buffalo.

“Of course, I know the team very well,” Taylor said. “I know how close we are as a team. I know the talent we have on the team, and we can be a very special team. Especially with the right leadership and I believe we have some coaches in there that definitely are ready to go out there and make us work and get things turned around.”

Despite those warm and fuzzy feelings for Western New York and the effort he’s made in reaching out to new head coach Sean McDermott – Taylor said they have spoken “about five times” – and familiar face OC Rick Dennison, his future with the Bills remains one of the off-season’s greatest mysteries.

“If I’m the guy management chooses to keep around, I definitely wanna be comfortable around those coaches,” Taylor explained, confirming that even he doesn’t know what his future holds at this point.

That’s because, with Rex Ryan – the president of Taylor’s fan club who since being fired revealed he had promised Taylor the starting QB job as long as he was head coach – out of the picture, no one with authority has made a firm commitment to the two-year starter. And like an unfaithful husband, the Bills appear to have a some wandering eyes.

Rightfully so, perhaps.

On Thursday,’s Jason La Canfora reported via sources within the team and league, that the Bills have “significant interest” in acquiring veteran QB Tony Romo from the Cowboys, but do understand that Buffalo is a tough sell for the 36-year-old. La Canfora also mentioned that the Bills are also still considering retaining Taylor on a lesser contract, however, the likihood of Taylor accepting such an offer after having his job taken from him seems slim.

If the report is accurate, it’s easy to understand. For the better of two seasons under center Taylor has excelled more as a runner than a passer. There have been flashes of greatness – like that Monday Night game in Seattle this past season – but far more inconsistencies.

What Romo brings to the table is a veteran prowess Taylor can’t. He’s an accomplished and proven NFL level starter who’s been to the playoffs and even won there, most recently in 2014. Since 2006, Romo has orchestrated more fourth quarter comebacks (25) than Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger, and has as many over that span as the man suiting up in his record seventh Super Bowl this Sunday, Tom Brady. In his 10 years as an NFL starter, Romo has compiled four 4,000 passing yard seasons as well as four seasons with 30+ touchdown passes. Also, his 2.12 touchdown to interception ratio ranks in the top 10 all-time.

Of course the profound concern that surrounds Romo is his durability. With an injury history longer than the Bills list of quarterbacks since Jim Kelly, Romo hasn’t played a full season since 2014. A broken clavicle kept him out of commision for most of the 2015 season, then during a preseason game againt Seattle this past August, Romo broke a bone in his back; setting in motion rookie Dak Prescott’s rise to NFL stardom and these trade rumors. Back injuries can often become the kiss of death for an NFL player and entering his age-37 season the deterioration is near.

The risk doesn’t stop at Romo’s age, but also in how much it will cost to acquire him. Is it worth mortgaging the future by forfeiting high draft picks to add a QB at the tail end of is career? Maybe; if the Bills truly believe they’re “close” as GM Doug Whaley so adamently stated back on Jan. 2. If not though, and the pricetag for Romo is too high, Buffalo would be wise to stay away.

Convincing Romo that they’re just a quarterback away may be an issue as well. No, the Cowboys don’t technically have to ask for his approval on a trade destination, but out of respect for him, Jerry Jones and company will surely look to send him to a contender outside of their conference. Denver and Houston stand out as two much more desirable situations. With the dominant defenses those two team’s posses, they’re truly a QB away.

While landing Romo seems like a pipe dream, if the Bills pusuit is sincere it’s admirable. Romo isn’t the long-term solution by any means, but he’s an upgrade at quarterback over Taylor, who’s best skill is running the football. If this year’s conference champioship weekend and Super Bowl matchup are any indication, having a good QB is the holy grail of today’s NFL. The Bills have been unable to find their holy grail for 17 years and Romo could provide at least a short-term possession of it.

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