PITTSFORD, NY – During the dog days of the NFL summer when there isn’t much to talk about, every Tweet, post, snap and comment players share with the world are put under a microscope, and subjected to a plethora of interpretations.

Bills wideout Sammy Watkins knows that all too well.

He’s caused a ruckus via social media on numerous occasions, most recently when his cryptic comment on one of his own Instagram photos rubbed some fans the wrong way.

Watkins was responding to former teammate, running back Boobie Dixon – who first commented on a photo shared by Watkins. In the exchange the Clemson product uses the phrase “going out with a bang,” indicating that after he puts up some big numbers this season, he won’t be returning to Buffalo.

Following Thursday’s opening practice of training camp, Watkins clarified his suspicious comment, emphasizing that he just likes to have fun on social media.

“You’ve got to have fun on Twitter and Instagram just to get a buzz and just have fun with it,” he explained. “It’s just basically saying, ‘this year I’m going to put everything on the line and I’m going to go out there and have fun and be an entertainer.’ “Scoring touchdowns, laughing – just having fun with the team.”

The comment came on the heels of an offseason where the Bills opted to decline picking up the fifth-year option on the 24-year-old’s rookie contract, which could expose him to free agency next offseason.

For what it’s worth, Watkins did express a desire to remain in Buffalo for the entreity of his career.

“I love Buffalo,” he asserted. “They drafted me first round, fourth pick. My job is to stay here for a while. That’s the goal. You don’t want to change teams. My job is to stay around here forever. That’s the goal.”

Watkins also created a stir on Twitter earlier this month, when he posted that NFL players should be paid more after seeing numerous NBA free agents sign huge deals in free agency.

Apparently it was just another case of Watkins having fun on social media.

“I wasn’t really talking about that,” he said. “I just wish I had a crossover play like James Harden and play a little bit of basketball. But it was all a joke.”

With his first go-around in NFL free agency looming, Watkins could be one of the first members of that 2014 draft class to help adjust the league’s payscale in favor of the players.

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